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Motivating your Staff to Work Effectively

How do I get the most effective performance from my team?

By Emma Meakin

The starting point for this is quite straightforward. You need to create a culture and an environment where every member of your team feels engaged with the business and with its needs and goals. Nothing is a better recipe for low productivity and poor atmosphere than a business that doesn’t show its staff that they’re cared about and appreciated. Put yourself in the shoes of your staff, do they feel like they’re just a commodity there to serve the needs of a business that doesn’t care about them?

Remember that the relationship between you and your team runs two ways. Each member has their own motivations and things that they want from their careers that you need to tap into if you’re to get the best out of them. Are they someone who thrives on responsibility? Are they looking to progress? Or perhaps they just want to know that they have job security?

Whatever their motivations, you need to handle them individually and keep them engaged. Though many businesses will say that they don’t have time, the value of three-monthly reviews and evaluations cannot be overstated. They give both the business and the staff member a chance to assess how things are currently, and offer an opportunity for the business to take an active interest in its staff.

Let your team know where the business is headed, what your vision for the future is and how you see them fitting in. Otherwise the employee is left working in a state of flux, which can be highly disconcerting and can leave them looking for the exit.