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Communicating Core Values

What’s the best way to communicate the core values of my business?

By Emma Meakin

First of all you need to be very clear about what those core values are.

Core values important to your business' key stakeholders. Therefore it’s important that you take their feedback into consideration as part of the process of developing your business values. This is the best way to ensure that all employees are fully aware of the values and standards of your organisation and, more importantly, that they share them.

The values of your company should permeate all layers of the business, from your website and external ‘customer-facing’ presence, through to the methodologies that underpin sales, production, delivery, HR, finance, customer services and marketing.

Savvy customers and employees are quick to seize upon any potential inconsistencies between what you say and what you do, so make sure that there aren’t any. For example a company that professes to be ethical and have high standards of employee welfare, yet sources goods from companies that don’t share those values is sending mixed messages to the market, and it’s only a matter of time before this becomes a PR problem.

Instead work hard to establish your core values and philosophy then ensure all aspects of the business comply fully with them. The resulting ‘personality’ of the business should then be clearly communicated in your online persona, social media marketing strategy and all other customer touch points, and in the quality of service, passion and commitment of your employees.