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Using Customer Service to Win Business

Provide great service to attract new customers.

By Marcia Smith

Customer service can be the most efficient and effective way to attract your competitors’ customers.

Whenever you’re trying to attract new customers, you have to give them a really good reason to choose your business instead of your competitors’. When you’re trying to attract your competitors’ customers, this is even more important. You will be fighting against customer habits, brand recognition, familiarity, loyalty and inertia. In many cases, a few pennies off the sale price will not be enough to trigger a change in their behaviour.

A good model to consider is supermarkets. True, they compete fiercely on price, but most customers don’t bother traipsing around all the supermarkets checking those prices. Instead, the customer goes for what’s easiest and most convenient; the same supermarket they’ve been using for years. They know the store layout, they recognize the products and they don’t have to think too much.

These are powerful forces to overcome. This means finding something so important to customers they might be willing to change their habits. Survey after survey repeatedly shows that the one thing of huge importance to consumers is good customer service.

Offering the best customer service means that your existing customers will talk about their experiences, tempting their friends and family to give your business a try. When a new customer does walk through your door for the first time, make it an easy and enjoyable experience for them – and they may well choose to stay.

Good customer service doesn’t have to cost a lot – so it can be the most effective marketing investment you could make.