The Businesses That Listen to Customers

The Businesses That Listen to Customers

Responding to customer feedback is key to good business.

By Marcia Smith

Customers have the answers that business owners need, as these two examples demonstrate:

Coca-Cola responded to customers’ concerns about BVO, a controversial ingredient used in its drinks. Removing the ingredient helped to reinforce customer trust and loyalty in the brand, and avoided the risk of their rival, Pepsi, taking advantage of the situation.

Giant retailer Amazon has turned listening to its customers into an exact science, thanks to its review system. Actively encouraging customers to leave reviews on products they’ve bought enables the site to promote its most popular products. This leads to greater customer satisfaction, increased trust in the brand, and repeat customers.

If you're interested in other ways that businesses have listened to their customers, check out Bob Dorf - an expert on customer development.


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