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Synergistic Communication and your Business

What is synergistic communication and is it important for a business?

By Emma Meakin

Synergistic communication simply means keeping your mind open to new possibilities, unexpected suggestions and novel ideas.

To work effectively, the communication must occur within an environment of mutual trust, where the communicators feel free to express unusual and creative ideas without fear of ridicule or criticism. This form of communication can be key for the growth of your business, the ability for your staff to openly provide their ideas, it can deliver that 'eureka' moment that catapults your company to the next level.

Not only will it provide new product ideas but also can be great source of innovation and of finding new, potentially more efficient ways of working.

It doesn’t mean that the communication should be aimless. This form of communication requires managers and staff to abandon their attachment to entrenched processes and ideologies, and to be prepared to explore better ways of doing things. It requires the company to align its culture so that staff feel safe to communicate new ideas with their management.