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What is the Halo Effect?

And how can your communication skills give you that halo 'look'?

By Emma Meakin

The halo effect is a psychological state whereby a person may revert to using a general impression to judge an individual, usually in a positive light. It’s seen as a cognitive bias.

Someone with good communication skills may find themselves in the glare of a halo effect, but it may not always work to their advantage. For instance, in a job interview, their broad vocabulary, educated accent and well-written CV may be taken as a sign that they’re more capable than they are. The newly employed individual may then find themselves in a role for which they are not ready. On the other hand, the same individual, if capable, may advance up the career ladder quickly, so it then works to their benefit.

We all can experience the halo effect at times, but the thing to remember is that whilst someone may look good on paper, can they back this up in person?