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Core Values v. Vision

Which is more important for a company?

By Emma Meakin

Is there really a competition between a company's core values and it's vision? Or is it more a case of striking a happy medium between the two to ensure that the company's vision is not hindered by its core values and vice versa?

Both of these factors are extremely important to the overall success of a company. Without vision a company will lack a sense of purpose and direction. A leader needs the vision for his company which will drive it forward and ensure the business is successful.

However core values play a vital part in deciding how you want things done and how you want your business to be perceived internally and externally. Your core values form the basis of all interpersonal relationships formed by the company and its staff. They are effectively a statement of who you are as a business and they are normally one of the main things a customer will review when forming their perceptions of the business.

The best way of thinking about the relationship between the two factors is this: vision spells out what you want to achieve and values dictate how you want to achieve it. Many companies can and do work on vision alone, particularly during the early start-up phase. However as things get more complex, values help you to refine your business and working practices to ensure greater success.