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Managing Staff Personalities

What are the hardest personality types to manage?

By Emma Meakin

Effective staff management is a skill which requires constant tweaking and adaptations as differing personalities are incorporated into your business or team. But how do you manage the more difficult personalities?

The hardest personality types to manage are usually those that are opposite to ourselves. People that think and feel the way we do are often easier for us to manage as we understand them and can act appropriately. Those that don’t can prove more of a challenge.

An understanding of different personality types is useful; when you realize the different thinking styles people have and the gaps that exist between yours and theirs, you can take control of your own communication to manage others more effectively.

Even the most negative people can be managed if your communication style is flexible enough to accommodate their needs. Therefore, make sure you effectively communicate with your staff to ensure that all personalities are being catered to and that the business is being managed effectively.