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Attracting Customers With Your Good Looks?

Make sure you follow it up with a quality service.

By Marcia Smith

The look of your business is vital in persuading your competitors' customers to give you a try.

Your overall look

The overall look and feel of your business encompasses your name, logo, branding, marketing and website – as well as the appearance of your storefront and employees. Your look can convey and imply a huge amount of information about your business, such as your professionalism, quality, friendliness and values. It can help to instil confidence in your brand and products.

However, customers know that looks can be deceiving. That’s why, once you’ve enticed a customer to give you a try, it’s essential to follow through with quality products, good prices and excellent customer service.

Do your staff look the part?

The gender and age of your employees can play some role in establishing the look and feel of your brand. In this way, it can help to differentiate you from the competition and help to attract new customers.

This can work by reflecting your customer base in your staff: youth clothing chains often employ the kind of young people who would buy their products, for example. It can also work on trust: some DIY stores employ older men as they are often perceived as a more reliable source of advice on DIY products.

However, extreme care must be taken not to be seen as a discriminatory employer, as this could damage your reputation and you could also face legal actions.

Employee uniforms can be a great way of establishing a professional image for your staff and your business, and they can help to create a good first impression. However, their effectiveness in attracting customers away from the competition is limited. In order for your competitor’s customer to see your employees, they must already have been somehow persuaded to walk through your doors. Therefore without marketing and a good location, your efforts could go to waste. Also, the positive impression created by the uniforms must be backed up with genuinely good customer service.

Your company name

Naming your business is a major factor in attracting customers, and it’s vital to get it right first time.

The name of your business can do a lot: it can convey information about the nature, tone and style of your business, help you to appeal to your target market, establish a brand identity, and help you to stand out in the marketplace. However, changing your business name is something to be avoided as you’ll undo some key work of building brand recognition – so it needs careful thought right at the start.