Why Offer Live Chat on Your Website?

Why Offer Live Chat on Your Website?

Live chat creates direct line to your customers.

By Marcia Smith

As a way of connecting a business to its prospective or existing client base, a live chat service is fast becoming the best way forward in terms of offering instant customer service. It can be used by new clients to help them make a sound buying decision, or by clients who have purchased before, if they need help with their product or service. You should offer a live chat service on your website because:

  1. It’s fast and convenient.
  2. Chat agents can help more than one person at one time.
  3. It’s cheaper for the customer as they don’t have to use a phone line to ring in for help.
  4. The quality of support given by your staff can easily be reviewed.

There are a number of providers out there, so do some research – it will stand you in good stead as some will offer free services until a certain number of users is met. If you’re smaller, this can be a wonderfully cost-effective way of providing good customer service.


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