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So, Just How Important Are Your Customers?

The moments when the customer is always right.

By Marcia Smith

If the client is always right, does it mean the service provider is wrong?

The short answer here is no. There are, of course, a huge number of instances where the customer is right and this must be assumed whenever there’s an initial complaint made. After all, it’s the customer that helps drive revenue, any initial concerns they have must be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Although this must happen in all cases, where there is certified evidence that the customer’s original standpoint was incorrect, this must be communicated calmly and politely. It may be the case that they refuse to accept this, but even where this happens, it’s important to remain as polite as possible and reiterate the details surrounding why that’s the case. It may still be necessary to offer some sort of compensation (whether this is a replacement product or a small amount of cash back) in order to maintain goodwill and secure future custom.

If the customer should be put first, why do most organisation charts put the CEO on top?

If we look at organisational charts from the point of view of the customer, the product being sold needs to be a product that they would like to buy. Through strategic planning, financial projections, and the overall management of product development teams, sales and marketing teams, the CEO or MD makes sure that the product that is being sold is the right product in the market for the customer. Without the CEO or MD driving the product development, product testing, market research and ultimately product promotion and distribution, there would be no product for the customer to buy.