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Drafting your Business Marketing Plan

Should you include customer service in your business marketing plan?

By Emma Meakin

The short answer is yes, absolutely! In fact, your customers can be your most powerful marketing tool, for both good and for bad. The use of your customers in your marketing material depends on the quality of your customer service.

If you give your customer an experience worth talking about, they will talk! A happy customer will spread the news about their experience with their friends, their family, social media and maybe even with mainstream media. But be warned an unhappy customer will talk to!

If you customers have something good to say about your business, that may well work out as the most cost-effective and efficient marketing you've ever done. If they’re sharing a bad experience, it can easily wipe out the effects of the most expensive advertising campaign. It is vital, therefore to ensure that your customer service is the best it can be and you are providing customers with a good reason to talk and not a bad!