Contacting your Clients via Email

Contacting your Clients via Email

Top tips for contacting your clients by email

By Emma Meakin

Make sure your emails are engaging, relevant and useful to your clients. There are many different kinds of emails you might send to your client, but in every case you need to ask whether it’s worth their time to read it.

Make it personal: Use a client’s purchase history to target the right email campaigns to the right groups.

Make it new: There’s no point simply repeating old information – talk about new products, new services and new special offers. Your e-mail should be as compelling as you can make it.

Call to action: Make it as easy as possible for the client to click through to your website. That way, you’ll know exactly what’s working – and what’s not. This way you can test and try out different things to see what works and brings the most people through to your site.


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