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Advice on Quitting Your Job

Your notice period and unemployment benefit

By Marcia Smith

What’s the minimum notice I’m required to give my employer?

A minimum notice period is usually defined in your contract. However, if a notice period hasn’t been declared then your options depend on the length of time you have been working for your employer.

If you have been employed for more than a month, you must give at least one week’s notice.

If your period of employment is less than one month then you are required to give 'reasonable' notice, which is often defined by your pay period. For example, if you’re paid per month, it’s reasonable to give a month’s notice.

Further advice about your rights at work can be found at The Citizens Advice Bureau website.

If I quit my job, can my employer deny me unemployment benefits?

No - the decision is not theirs to make.

Under current rules for Jobseeker's Allowance, a person may be denied this benefit if they have quit their job voluntarily, or if they have been fired for misconduct. In these cases, benefit payments may be denied for the first six months of unemployment.

However, the decision as to whether to deny your application will be made by the relevant government department. It will be based on your individual circumstances, with regard to current applicable laws and regulations. Your employer doesn't have any way of intervening or influencing the government’s decision.