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Recruitment Advice on Candidate Screening

Types of screening and what do it with negative results

By Marcia Smith

What levels of screening are recommended when recruiting staff?

There are two main types of recruitment screening, and the one you use will depend on the nature and requirements of the job:

1. Pre-interview screening helps to filter out candidates who don’t have the right qualifications or skills. This is recommended where you have very specific, essential criteria to check, like a university degree, professional accreditation or a technical qualification. Tests and quizzes can also be used as screening tools, and are most useful where you receive large numbers of applications and you don’t have time to look at them all personally.

2. Post-interview screening includes criminal background checks, which may be essential if the role involves contact with children or vulnerable people.

How do I tell a qualified applicant I can’t hire them after a background check?

You should be clear and honest with them about the reason you’re withdrawing your offer of employment.

There may be occasions in which a potential employee believes that the outcome of a background check is incorrect. However, you should avoid entering into any kind of discussion or debate about the validity of the information. There are legal routes for people to follow if they wish to correct official records relating to their criminal or financial history.

You could agree to hold the position for them pending the outcome of any correction, and you might wish to do this for a really strong candidate. However, you’re under no obligation to do so.