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Think You're Ready to Hire Your First Employee?

Sure you're ready to recruit? Read this before drafting that ad.

By Marcia Smith

For any small business, deciding to become an employer for the first time is always a big decision. If you’re not sure it’s the right time, think about what you need from an employee, and what you can offer them.

Think about the nature of the role

Consider what duties you’ll give the employee. Will this fill a full-time or part-time position? Or might hiring a freelancer be a better option for now? Are you ready to cede control of some day-to-day responsibilities?

Get the salary right

Think about whether you can afford a fair salary for the skills required, and one that’s competitive enough to retain staff. Remember, you also need to budget for holiday and sick pay, as well as redundancy pay if you decide you no longer need them.

Plan well in advance

It’s a delicate balancing act, making your first hire, so do not rush it — both the character and the work ethic need to be such that the employee is a good match for your company. So plan a long way in advance of actually needing the hire, giving yourself sufficient time to develop a full job description and complete the interview process.