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How to Find Your Perfect Marketing Agency

Warning: may contain ping pong tables and juice machines.

By Daniel Kidd

Agencies may charge a monthly fee, an hourly rate, or payment per project. Choose wisely depending on your requirements and always ensure that a get-out clause is in place in order to protect your investment.

Once you decide on an agency and a payment plan which works for you, approach fully prepared. Many are selective about which projects to take on, so do your research and market your business to them in a way which will pique their interest. Ideally, write up a detailed marketing brief outlining your business as a whole, your target demographic and the project at hand, and emphasise that the agency’s input and ideas are to be welcomed.

It’s vitally important to stay in close contact with the agency and monitor results weekly or monthly. If results aren’t satisfactory, be sure to hash it out with the agency before looking elsewhere. A strong, trusting business relationship of this kind will likely be beneficial in the long run.