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How to Drive Sales For Your New Product

Why hitting the ground running is easier with media coverage

By Daniel Kidd

When launching a new product there are two things you should do to begin your marketing campaign; issue a press release and identify your target market.

Before a new product is launched, a press release detailing what the product is should be issued on your company website. It may also be a good idea to send your press release to any relevant trade magazines to increase your exposure.

Your target market is an important aspect of your campaign – in fact the entire campaign will revolve around it – so you need to identify this using market research. There is an abundance of available data for most types of products, but it’s always prudent to conduct your own market research. Questionnaires, focus groups and even Facebook polls are all effective ways to conduct your research, to find out who is most likely to buy your product and why. Once you have your target market, it’s time to develop a marketing plan.

There are two main aspects of any marketing material; content and delivery. Let’s start with content.

You know who your target market are, so now you really need to get to know them; identify the style, tone, language and overall branding that will work best on your target market and put it in context with your new product. At this stage it’s always a good idea to remember that the human brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than text, so visuals such as pictures, infographics and videos are a must.

In terms of delivery, there are a wide range of ways to deliver your material and you need to identify where your target market spends their time. Are they on social media? Do they watch a lot of television? For example, the elderly are much less likely to be on Facebook and instead may listen to the radio or watch TV. The general age group of your market can be very helpful here; the younger the demographic, the more social media coverage you need to have. Email campaigns, PPC, social media sharing (including YouTube advertising), billboards, flyers, television (on demand services may be more effective depending on your demographic) and radio are all still big mediums for marketing material.

Media coverage is very important in driving sales, as it builds both awareness and trust. When you read an article or publication or watch a programme about a product, you’ll remember more about it. This builds your trust in the product, service or business. A brand that people trust is a brand that people will buy.

The more places a product or service is seen the more it will be talked about, which then creates more interest in what you’re offering. Effective media coverage will create brand awareness and get people talking about your product, which will drive more sales.

Merge your content and delivery together, with your target market in mind, for the best possible results.