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Employee Salaries: Standard Rates

Tools to help you judge salary levels and pay on bank holidays.

By Marcia Smith

Resources for determining employee pay scales?

If you want to check the average pay rates for certain professions or sectors, there’s a number of online resources available:

Pay Scale publishes national and international rates, and job portals and agencies such as Total Jobs and Reed also collate average pay statistics.

You should also take a look at your competitors’ job adverts and other companies in your geographic area. If you’re intending to attract employees away from your rivals, you will need to be competitive.

Anther resource should be your own accounts, as you need to work out what an employee will be worth to your business, and what you can afford to pay them.

Do I pay standard salary for working on a bank holiday?

Yes you can. You are under no legal obligation to offer higher rates of pay for working on public holidays.

You are also under no obligation to allow your employees to take bank holidays off work, or to pay them if you do. You must, however, meet the statutory minimum requirements for paid leave over the course of a year (at least 28 days for full time employees). If you offer your employees paid leave on bank holidays, you can count this towards their statutory entitlement.

However, if you have included provision for additional pay for bank holidays as part of your employee’s contract of employment, or if this is the normal practice for other employees in your business, you must honour this arrangement.