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The 'Golden Oldies' of Marketing

Do they still work? Are they worth a space in your budget?

By Daniel Kidd

Is phone book advertising still worthwhile?

The value of phone book advertising is dependent in the main on the type of business you’re looking to promote and whether you want to appeal to all rather than just the tech savvy. It’s easy in the age of flamboyant digital advertising and lead generation sites to dismiss traditional advertising as a thing of the past.

However, even though it’s true that its impact is some way short of where it once was, the phone book is still the directory of choice for many consumers. This is particularly true for the older demographic, who are looking for quick and convenient contact details and may not have a computer.

Is MySpace still useful for affiliate marketing?

Yes, MySpace is definitely still useful for affiliate marketing. You can easily reach MySpace’s current 1 million users to promote your product.

One way you could use affiliate marketing to your advantage by using MySpace is by creating two profiles: one personal one for yourself and one for your business. You can then use both of these to market your business. MySpace generally discourages advertising announcements, so your best bet is to post articles to promote your business. Then link these posts to a landing page for your affiliate products, so your audience can easily educate themselves about your business.

Are flyers allowed on publically parked cars?

Flyer advertising can seem like a cost effective way for small businesses to advertise to prospective customers.

However, in recent years many councils across the UK have made it an offence for you to distribute flyers without first obtaining consent from the city council. These restrictions have been introduced to reduce the impact of litter from businesses. You should check with your council to see if you need permission to distribute flyers on publically parked cars. Alternatively, you could put them through letterboxes, as the rules don’t cover this.

Also, you don’t need permission from the council if your flyers are for a charity, political or religious organisation. If you need a licence, in most cases you will need to pay a fee. The cost varies depending on the council and how often you intend to distribute your flyers. If you distribute flyers without a licence you can be fined a fixed penalty notice. And if it goes to court, you could be fined up to £2,500.