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How Bluetooth Marketing Could Give You The Edge

Underestimated, misunderstood. Sounds like the basis of a Disney Hero.

By Daniel Kidd

In a competitive business world, the major focus to the people who chance across you should be on the unique selling point of your product or service. What is it about you and your business that makes you better than your competitors? This is the most effective weapon in your armoury when it comes to marketing to customers – you have to tell them why they should be buying from you and not another company. Don’t be afraid to be bold either, in many cases that bold, confident approach can be a difference maker and can influence people to go ahead and do business with you. One of the most effective ways to do this ad hoc is Bluetooth.

Bluetooth marketing can be an effective form of proximity marketing, as long as it’s done right. A lot of the time, the key to success with proximity marketing really comes down to your target audience, and whether they’ll be interested in the kind of content you have to offer.


There are three main considerations to think about for an effective Bluetooth marketing campaign. They are:


With the rise of smartphones and mobile devices, the technology is now firmly in place for Bluetooth marketing to really take off, and the rise of mobile is still underway. Bluetooth marketing could be poised to become bigger than ever, and there’s plenty of opportunity to get your message heard by taking advantage of this lesser used avenue.


Not everyone spends as much time using Bluetooth as they do texting or accessing social media on their smartphones. Some may even have Bluetooth switched off on their phones in order to conserve battery life. However, consumers are using paired Bluetooth headsets and devices with their phones more than ever before, and it’s also a great way for people to send each other information and data.


Even if the technology and usage is there, you need to have something to offer that’ll grab people’s attentions and make them interested in the content you have to offer. There have been successful Bluetooth marketing campaigns in the media recently, and NBCUniversal is one big company to utilise the power of Bluetooth marketing in 2014.

Although there aren’t many Bluetooth marketing success stories out there just yet, they seem to be growing, and Bluetooth marketing has proven it has real potential in the public forum.