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How to Properly Introduce Your Business

How to not become that nuisance 'cold-caller'...

By Daniel Kidd

Courtesy calls are an excellent way to provide good customer service to businesses that you work with. They’re the perfect way to provide helpful communication, setting you apart from your competitors while also subtly promoting your business.

However, courtesy calls should be undertaken in a certain way to ensure that they’re effective. For a start, courtesy calls should not be unsolicited, and should not be viewed as sales calls. Instead, they should focus on providing necessary information in a polite way.

Courtesy calls are great for confirming orders, verifying payments, and checking service satisfaction. Done correctly they can promote your business as a respected and reliable company.

When selling directly to other businesses, who is the best person to contact?

The answer to this questions lies in the structure of the business and the product or service you’re selling. In relatively small companies, major purchasing decisions are likely to be made by the managing director. However, this person is likely to be very busy most of the time, and may have a gatekeeper in the form of secretary or a PA.

In larger firms, decisions are likely to be made at head of department level. For example, if you’re selling a marketing product, you should pitch this to the marketing director. A great tool to help you understand the structure of a business is LinkedIn. Search for the company name and this will reveal any registered staff members.