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Ask Fleximize: Video Marketing

The three burning questions on the lips of business owners

By Daniel Kidd

Should I have a video ad?

It certainly can be a good way of promoting yourself. Putting the time and effort into making an engaging and professional video ad can offer a great return on investment when it’s integrated into your overall marketing strategy.

According to some retailers, products with online video ads sell more than those that don’t, and up to 90% of customers report that they prefer to get product information from videos. One estate agent has reported a fourfold increase for listings that included a video tour.

Of course, some products are more suited to video than others, but if you can present content in an engaging visual form the data suggests that this will help you to generate more leads and sales.

What makes a good introduction video?

A good introduction video will convey the essence of your product, brand or service quickly, leaving the audience intrigued and wanting more.

The video needs to concisely and clearly explain why someone would choose and use your product. Often the best way to do this is to state the problem, then present the product as the ideal solution. It should also offer some idea of who the target user is. The video should also make use of imagery and branding to convey the quality of your offer.

A good introduction video will provide some details or features, but won’t give too much away. The key is to drum up excitement and interest, prompting the audience to seek out more information.

What is live streaming?

Livestreaming describes the live delivery of audio and video content over the web. Some common uses for livestreaming include: live sporting events, music concerts, entertainment events, conferences, lectures, shareholder meetings, interactive webinars and wildlife monitoring.

Content can be delivered to and accessed via any website, subject to the installation of suitable streaming software. It’s also commonly delivered via third party providers, such as YouTube Live, Livestream, Daily Motion and Ustream.

Livestreaming is, by definition, delivered live and unedited. However, in some circumstances it may incorporate a short time delay to allow for inappropriate content, such as bad language, to be censored.

Bonus: How do I use video at conferences?

Video can be a useful tool to maximise the benefit of conferences in a number of different ways.

Conference speeches and presentations can be livestreamed, and conference events with a Q&A or interactive element can also be streamed as live webinars. In this way, people who couldn’t make it to the event in person can still feel included in the conference.

To achieve a professional look, hire a specialist camera crew with high definition equipment, and consider video requirements when setting up your lighting and sound systems.

Video can also be used to generate non-live content, such as edited highlights, behind the scenes footage or an interview with the keynote speaker. This can be utilised for marketing and engagement purposes.