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How to Use Infographics to Get Your Message Across

Looking for a new way to get your brand message across? Look no further...

By Daniel Kidd

Infographics, or information graphics, can be a very useful and effective medium for sharing or explaining concepts or data. They're produced by taking a large amount of information, be it data or other knowledge, and turning it into an appealing visual representation.

Presenting complex info

The intention behind creating an infographic is to present complex information in a way that is clear and easy to understand. They can are an engaging medium in explaining a topic to someone who may be new to that subject in a fun and easy way, without them needing to read a lot of background material.

Share-able and multi-purpose

Since infographics can be shared so easily, they can be a powerful way for businesses to raise brand awareness in an eye-catching manner, while quickly conveying a message or idea. Infographics unlock so many possibilities when it comes to using visuals for different purposes. For instance, companies have used them for...


As infographics tend to be formatted as long images, it’s common to see information laid out in a story-like fashion from top to bottom.


What makes a good infographic?

A good infographic takes complex or difficult data and makes it easy to understand. It offers a clear, simple, graphic visualisation that communicates with the audience much more effectively and persuasively than a table of numbers or a text description.

A good infographic helps the audience to put the data into an understandable, relevant and meaningful context. It helps them to feel that they’ve reached their own judgements and conclusions about the data, while gently guiding their perceptions and viewpoint.

A good infographic is attractive, compelling and grabs the attention of the audience. It’s unusual, engaging, surprising, interesting and above all, shareable.