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The Best Cloud Accounting Software for SMEs

Take your accounting to the cloud...

By Marcia Smth

Luckily there’s a multitude of great solutions out there that mean you no longer have to worry about relying on giant folders full of post-its, handwritten invoices and receipts. Here is some of the best accounting software available for small businesses.

QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is a very popular desktop accounting solution that’s now also available to use online, which means you can access it virtually anywhere, including from your mobile device. This program allows you to perform various important accounting tasks, including custom invoices, payroll (including tax calculator and deductions), expense reports and it even gives you access to real-time banking data. You can also use it to make credit card or wire transfers.

Snap Payroll

If you want to take the hard work out of paying your employees, Snap Payroll makes it easy. Simply enter an employee’s hours and pay rate and the app calculates exactly how much they should be paid, including taxes. It's regularly updated with the latest tax changes and it's available as a mobile app, so you can use it on-the-go.


This software is perfect for online invoicing and billing, and provides you with a variety of free and low-cost accounting options for your small business. Hiveage is specially designed for businesses with 1 – 20 employees. It can help you automate various financial tasks, including accepting online payments, sending invoices, auto-billing for subscriptions and tracking things like expenses and mileage. Other features such as collaborative billing, financial health checks and holding all your account information in one place makes this a great little support system.

Different systems tend to focus on, or are better at particular tasks. If you’re looking to take your accounting to the cloud you would be well-served to think about what your most time-intensive accounting activities are, then look for the solution that is strong in simplifying that particular task or set of tasks.