A Simple Guide to Responding to Negative Reviews

A Simple Guide to Responding to Negative Reviews

The golden rule: constructive criticism is a good thing

By Daniel Kidd

You should always respond to negative reviews that come your way. By doing so, you’re showing other prospective customers that you listen and are ready to take action, should the situation require it. You should try and take the following steps:

  1. Thank the client (by name if they’ve given it) for taking the time to give feedback, even if they’ve shown anger.
  2. Apologize to the client for the bad experience they’ve suffered.
  3. Make clear any changes you’re going to make to rectify the situation.
  4. Offer to follow up with them to make sure they’re satisfied.
  5. Where appropriate and possible, do contact the client directly.
How we do it
How we do it: Even though it's not that bad a review, we make sure to communicate the reviewer.

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