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How To Turn Digital Media Into Increased Footfall

Increasing footfall for your shop can be achieved through a well thought out digital strategy

By Daniel Kidd

The use of digital media is essential when looking to increase footfall. Traditional promotional methods, such as handing out flyers on the street, are now seen as costly and time-consuming, so here are some ways digital media can turn your online fan base into physical customers.

Click and Collect

The current trend of ‘click and collect’ allows customers to pick exactly what they’re looking for online, whilst having the option of picking it up in store at a time that suits them. Supermarket chains, such as Waitrose, used this e-commerce outlet successfully whilst gaining access to integral data such as email addresses. Having a customer’s email address means you can keep them coming back with fantastic promotional offers.

Taking payments

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology now allows businesses to target a potential customer based on their location, which becomes particularly useful when using third party promotional websites, such as Groupon. The site only shows you deals that are nearby, so if you’re a restaurant chain, such as Pizza Express offering 50% off, you’re a lot more likely to attract spontaneous business from people browsing Groupon whilst hungry.

Social Media

Thirdly, harnessing the power of social media can really have an effect on footfall in store. Using paid Facebook advertisements, you can target potential new customers with unique offers based on their location. An example of this is launching a ‘flash sale’ which is only available to people based in an area within a one mile radius of your store. In the post, be sure to mention the area to catch people’s attention. An example of this is saying something like, “50% off all products in store for people visiting Kensington – today only”