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How to Use Social Media Marketing on a Tiny Budget

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By David Kiriakidis

Coming from a background of working with businesses with a limited social media budget, I thought I should probably take a look at the reasons why so many companies don't have a specific social media budget - or even an overall marketing budget. Just how can these they still market effectively in the digital space, without tugging at the purse strings every day?

It's a dilemma that plagues many a marketing manager of small businesses - where to allocate their often very limited budget. Spreading it across all channels could limit your success, but ploughing it all into one is incredibly risky.

Social Media is often one of the first channels under the microscope, because for most businesses it's a brand awareness channel and not a revenue-generating channel. This makes it difficult to measure ROI.

As someone who works with social media on a daily basis, my natural instinct is to advise small businesses not to forget about social. And even if it's small, allocate SOME budget towards it. Of course, it's your decision whether social is a channel worth investing in - it comes down the nature of your business, your sector and your marketing strategy.

So if, like so many other small business owners, you've decided that it's not worth a dedicated budget, here are some tips on how you can still make it work for you without spending a small fortune.

Large companies will have a team of designers beavering away, making images eye-catching, engaging and brand-consistent. But, just because you're a small business, doesn't mean you can't design like a pro. If splashing out hundreds of pounds for an Adobe Creative Suite license would push your small budget a bit too far, then you could look at free/ cheap alternatives.

For basic image editing, you can't really go wrong with Pixlr Editor. It's effectively a carbon copy of Photoshop, but free and online. With a surprising depth of features and the ability to save to multiple formats it could prove to be quite handy to those on a severely stretched budget. If you're not the most design-focused individual, or just don't have the time to spend on designing loads of social images, Canva could be a great resource. With thousands of templates to choose from, and mostly seamless drag and drop functionality, it could mean your social media images are transformed in seconds.