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Why You Should Focus More on Email Marketing

The underdog of digital marketing could actually become your most effective revenue stream.

By David Kiriakidis

Let's face it, email marketing doesn't have the greatest name for itself. It's not the 'sexiest' of digital marketing channels. In car terms, for example, if social media marketing was a Lamborghini, Email Marketing would be a Mini Cooper. I'll explain.

Everyone knows social media is great fun.

There are endless opportunities to come up with incredible content, to get people engaging with your brand (or cooing over your brand new 'Lambo').

Email Marketing will never have the same obvious draw, much like a Mini Cooper sat next to a Lamborghini.

However if you look at what you use your car for most (Commuting to and from work, Going to the shops etc) and liken this to your business getting leads from digital marketing, what is actually going to work better? A Lamborghini that will struggle over speed bumps and guzzle fuel like nobodies business, or a Mini Cooper, that isn't as flashy, but will get you there just as quickly?

Like their four wheeled friends, These two channels, despite having many similarities are very different in what they could and will do for your business.

Whilst Social Media is generally considered to be one of the best methods of gaining brand awareness and increasing exposure, it has never and probably never will be a channel with a high ROI.

Email Marketing, however, regularly outperforms almost all other channels in terms of the return outweighing the cost. It allows you engage on your terms with your current customers and potential new customers. It's very affordable and often less time consuming that social media.

Most importantly though, it's how people expect to be marketed to. If someone knows that they are going to be marketed to, yet still look through their email inbox, you already have one foot through the door.

So if you've never really put much time into Email Marketing, perhaps now is the time to revisit it, create a solid strategy, cleanse and segment your lists and come up with ideas that establish your email marketing efforts as a solid revenue channel.