Working the Faux Hawk

Working the Faux Hawk

Is a faux hawk hairstyle appropriate for a professional workplace?

By Carl Stanford

Faux Hawks at Work

Whether a faux hawk, or any other hairstyle, is appropriate for your workplace really depends on the nature of your business and the kind of impression that you’re trying to make (or trying to avoid).

In a trendy media start-up, for example, the faux hawk might be a very common sight in the workplace and there’d be no sense in banning it. Similarly, in a call centre where clients and customers never see your employees, banning any kind of hairstyle might be considered unreasonable.

The Faux Hawk Swoops
The Faux Hawk Swoops:

The faux hawk swoops through the city, elegantly descending upon the office, like a majestic bird of prey, hungry for his next meal of quinoa and soy latte.

Of course, in some customer-facing roles there might be some need to clamp down on more outlandish hairstyles, as they risk conveying an unprofessional image. However, you need to consider whether such a restriction on the freedom of employees is a necessary and proportionate response.

Certainly, there are plenty more extreme hairstyles than the mighty faux hawk!