Peter Tuvey Talks Staff Retention in City A.M.

Fleximize's founder advised business owners on how to keep hold of their best staff

30th August 2017

Writing in City A.M., London’s popular business-focused newspaper, Fleximize’s managing director Peter Tuvey shared his advice on how companies can reduce their staff turnover.

In his article, which appeared in print and online, Peter cited figures that show employee turnover currently costs UK businesses over £4 billion every year, before offering some insights on how employers can retain their best staff for the long-term.

From offering flexible working to embracing employee ideas, Peter drew on his own successful approaches to staff retention, and explained how they can boost the profit and productivity of any business.

Encourage your employees to be direct with you about what they think, and don’t react badly to negative feedback. It’s far more productive than letting problems stew until a notice is handed in.

Peter Tuvey

Morning report
Morning report:

Peter's article on staff retention appeared in City A.M.'s Office Politics section on 15 August

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