Max Chmyshuk Bigs Up fintech's Prospects in Business Zone

Fleximize's co-founder and managing partner revealed why he has no fears for British fintech, despite the UK's impending departure from the European Union

18th August 2016

In an article for Business Zone, Fleximize’s co-founder and managing partner Max Chmyshuk predicted a bright post-Brexit future for British fintech. Despite the uncertainty that continues to surround the sector following the result of the EU referendum in June, Max sees no reason why fintech startups shouldn’t continue to flourish on these shores.

As he highlights in the article, a handful of fintech firms have completed significant funding rounds since the referendum, with MarketInvoice raising $7.2 million, WeSwap landing £6.5 million and Revolut securing investment of £6.75 million. Max also points to the fact that companies like Funding Circle were founded in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, suggesting fintech startups are well-equipped to ride any economic storm.

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